Road Trip!

Hello Travel Buddies! A few days prior to the All Saint’s Day, Irish and I were planning to have a day trip to a nearby province, however we really weren’t able to pick which province should we go to and decided to just rest on a free lazy Sunday. Without any sleep, Monday morning came. Since it was a holiday we just spontaneously went on a Batangas Road Trip.

We chose Batangas for its proximity from Manila and also due to our familiarity of the province. After making sure all our gadgets have enough juice for the trip, we decided to leave, and at around 5:30 AM we were already on the road beating the normal traffic of Commonwealth and EDSA Ave. we were able to reach our favorite gas station in South Luzon Expressway by approximately 6:30AM. Had a filling breakfast at Pancake House and a whole can of Monster Energy Drink for maximum driving efficiency.

Marian Orchard

At around 8AM we reached our first destination which was in Balete Batangas, the unfinished Marian Orchard. Although the area still has lots to work on, we can totally say that it is worth the visit. For just a mere P50 as entrance fee and to help on their maintenance, tourists can enjoy the Catholic theme garden with different flowering plants and statuses of different saints, they also have a miniature version of the infamous Rio de Jeneiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue.

Cintai Coritos Garden

After having tons of pictures on that spot, we went to another nearby known tourist spot. About 10 minutes away from Marian Orchard, tourists can enjoy a Balinese-inspired sanctuary known as Centai Corito’s Garden. They have lots of activities to offer and different animals to see, while inside we saw some geese, a pony and a few deer, but what we like most about the resort is they have lots of plants and trees surrounding the activity areas making it a lot fresher and cooler for a hot tropical country like the Philippines. Aside from the wonderful facilities, its relaxing atmosphere and friendly staffs make the whole experience more worth it. Day tour and over night packages seems to be fair but we suggest for guests to maximize their stay (para mas sulit).

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe Batangas

Afterwards, we visited a laid back coffee resto inside a compound for lunch at Lipa, Batangas. The shop is Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe,  they got some variety of cool stuff sold inside. Before the entrance they got two arachnids in cages, we think even those critters are for sale. They got tons of accessories, humongous dream catchers, ukuleles, hemp back pack and a lot more.

The shop doesn’t have any Wi-Fi since they probably like their customers to chill and bond the old way, however they got lots of comfortable seats inside, comfy enough for me to have a short nap while waiting for our food. Just a small advice, they literally are not a fast food resto, orders really take quite some time. Their coffees are fantastic, we tried their iced coffee and brewed barako coffee, for our food we ordered some buffalo wings and some tuna wraps which we think need a little more improvement. We think the shop is even better in the afternoon or at night, because perpendicular to the coffee shop, a burger joint also operates at a particular time.


St. Martin de Tours Basilica

The next place we visited is situated in Taal, Batangas. The oldest and biggest standing Catholic Church in Asia, the St. Martin the Tours Basilica. We really were amaze on how huge the Church is, so we decided to get an aerial view right from the get go. Old buildings like this one really amazes us, just imagine how such big structure was erected without any help from modern equipments.

However, we were a bit unhappy on how debilitated the façade of the Church is, we think that the CBCP and its local leaders need to team up and help it restore to its former glory, such historical landmark should be thoroughly taken care  in order for the future generation Filipinos and tourists still be able to see its beauty and marvel.

Other than the Church, a small area in the community maintained the traditional look of their houses, some houses even acts as small museum for tourism purposes. One of the original Philippine flag sewer, a hero in Philippine history, Marcela Agoncillo has a house in the area which is also an attraction in the area.


The much awaited Taal Lake

In around year 2013, the Department of Public Works and Highway opened a new road, the Lemery-Agoncillo road. After Taal we pass thru on that road hoping to reach Tagaytay on daylight. The said road circumnavigates a large portion of Taal Lake, and of course a closer view of the whole Taal Volcano Island. Taal Volcano Island reminds us of the Inception (2010) movie, in Luzon the Taal Volcano Island can be seen surrounded by a body of water and within the Island another body of water can be found and in the middle of that body of water lies a small islet.

We’ll try to go to that island next time we visit Tagaytay and make an awesome aerial video out of it. Anyway, along that road there is a DOST (Department of Science and Technology) monitoring branch, which basically monitors the seismic and volcanic activities of Taal Volcano and nearby land mass. That said government agency allowed us to view the Taal Volcano on their viewing deck (awesome fellas!), just make sure to ask them nicely prior to entering and to log as a guest on their guest book.

Rest is a must…

Aside from the nearest view of Taal, tourists can also visit Taal Volcano Island. Some locals said that 500 pesos is the rate for a back and forth trip. Another tourist attraction is just a few kilometres away from that road. The Fantasy World located in Lemery, Batangas. We weren’t able to visit it due to time constraints and exhaustion but next time we visit the area we would make sure to check it out.

Around 5:30PM we decided to go back and call it a day. We had so much fun on this short road trip of ours, and we really are happy in sharing it with all our site visitors! Make sure to stay posted on all of our other travels and adventures! Happy adventure travel buddies!

Trip Expense

Travel Expense on our trip are as follows:
Toll – Approximately 600
Food and drinks – 1,500 depending on which stores you buy from
Gas – 2,000 depends on fuel economy of vehicle
Entrance Fee – Marian Orchard 50 per person
Total – About PHP 4,200


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