El Masfino Hotel

Hey travel buddies! We recently experienced the wonderful El Masfino Hotel and Resort! Located in San Rafael, Bulacan, this hidden gem is just an hour away from Manila. It is a premium getaway for everyone who wants to chill, relax and just have fun.

It is also within the Royal Northwoods Golf and Country Club, making it one of the few hotels that have a whole golf course just a few steps away. Sounds dangerous? Don’t worry, the hotel area is strategically located out of harms way, and the golf course itself is well surrounded with a lot of trees.

Awesome Aerial view of the Golf Course

Our Experience 

After a quick detour from A square, we went straight to El Masfino Hotel and Resort. The route to the hotel is searchable in Waze and Google maps. Just be wary when driving, the major roads going there have tons of damaged pavements (Yup! Majority of the Philippine roads are like that. LOL!).

El Masfino Hotel and Resort highly boasts of their privacy, classy ambiance and of course the best service. Right at the gates of Royal Northwoods Golf and Country Club the security and exclusivity feels of the whole place were already reassuring. Just like in any premium places, security guards of the place require everyone to present their ID.

After driving for about 5 minutes (yes! their place is so huge), we reached the hotel lobby. Architecturally, the hotel was patterned to modern type buildings. It has a well-maintained, cozy lobby and friendly personnel. In the lobby, they got a small shop where in some snacks, bathing suits and other stuff were being sold.

The hotel has a very strict swimming pool policy. Their personnel strictly implement the usage of proper swimming attire. We were advised right from the get go that if we want to swim, only proper bathing suite are allowed.

Wave Pool and Beach Volleyball
Some of the goers enjoying the pool.
chilling like a villain

Upon checking in, we then went straight to our room. The room we got is 107, a Deluxe Room, which is good for 2 adults and 2 kids. We were delighted to see our room; we could truly say that it is in par with premium hotels and even better with some in the Metro. Their toilet and bath were also quaint. Most importantly, the very integral part of every toilet that we always look for in every hotel we stay, they got a bidet! Their deluxe room cost P5,124.00 inclusive of breakfast and use of amenities.

Very Spacious!
Yup! With a bidet! haha
Every room has its own relaxing view of the swimming pool and its landscape.
Our view outside.
The beautiful lampshade at our room

A few minutes after freshening up, we then had our lunch in the Country Club. It is located just a few steps away from the hotel, but golf carts are readily available to use for going to the other building. The golf cart drivers were really friendly and very cheerful.

Trophies at the golf club entrance.

For the length of our stay, the country club’s foods didn’t fail us; all orders were amazing and delicious. We definitely have no complains on their food and crew service. Food pricing is fair and just.

At the restaurant.
Tasty! Banana shake and pancit.
The view of the restaurant.
Crispy adobo and egg, Errol’s pick during breakfast.
Golf Shop inside the country club

We were introduced and toured around the hotel grounds an hour before sunset. They have tons of activities to offer, such as the wave pool with its deepest area stands at 4ft were perfect, basketball enthusiasts would also love the installed basketball ring right beside the wave pool. In addition to that, they have this huge obstacle course that any adrenaline junky would love to try, probably being used more frequently during team building activities.

A part of the obstacle course.
Both kids and adults are definitely gonna enjoy this.


We also had a peek at their suite room. They got four suite rooms which is good for 6 persons and sixteen deluxe rooms. All of which are very spacious and well maintained in any aspect.

During sunset, we head down to roam their beautiful and humongous golf course. We enjoyed driving around the golf course using the golf cart; the views while the sun is setting are just picture perfect, definitely worth doing again in the near future.

Nature lovers would also like the different sceneries with all the greens in sight, even the man made lake is beautiful. Other than that, wives and relatives of golfers would also have tons of activities which they can do, it is a common for wives and non-golf-playing relatives complain about the sport.

Our overnight stay was amazing, our room got a television with cable, the bed was comfy and the air-conditioning unit was so cold that upon waking up the moisture on the floor is highly noticeable. Sadly though, the Wi-Fi signal in our room is quite low.

Don’t worry about the security of the area, especially since they installed lots of CCTV cameras all around the area. Other than that, lots of security guards are stationed during the night and some even keeps on roving.

Overall, we loved our whole stay. We would really consider going back just to relax, chill or even just bond. We highly suggest people with very stressful jobs to try El Masfino Hotel, simply the best hotel up north for quick breathers and have fun.


Hotel Features

Other than the cozy and relaxing ambiance, the hotel also has a lot to offer to everyone. Being bored would never be a problem with the numerous number of activities and amenities offered. The following are the offered amenities:


Swimming pool 

Karaoke area


Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

  Obstacle Course

Picnic Area

You can also grill  food here, just ask the front desk about it




Biking anyone?

 They also have a rentable ATV or Dune Buggies which you can run on an off-road track made exactly for it.

ATV TRACK! Don’t have the picture of the ATV itself.

Other than the aforementioned activities and amenities, they also offer SPA treatment and Massage. Moreover, for adventure seekers who doesn’t want to have an overnight, they can still visit and enjoy El Masfino Hotel by just doing a Day Tour.

 How to Visit

Visitors can go to El Masfino Hotel by taking a bus going to San Rafael, Bulacan then a tricycle to Royal North Wood Golf and Country Club. Just kindly take the cellphone number of the driver to let him/her know when you’ll be going out of El Masfino. It is practically hard to get any mode of transportation going back towards the highway.

For visitors who are planning to have a long weekend trip, we highly suggest to bring your own car, El Masfino Hotel and resort is Waze and Google Map friendly. You can also to visit other places nearby too. Bulacan is a well known place for its historical land marks and other fun adventurous activities.


We opt to link the website for the rates cause we know that it often change through out the season. So for day tour rates you may find it here: El Masfino Day tour.

For the room rates you may find it here Hotel Masfino room rates.


Book Now!

We highly suggest that, whenever planning to visit El Masfino Hotel and Resort, make a reservation or book sooner. Since, hotel rooms are limited they tend to get booked quite fast. In addition to that, they usually get different functions for various events which sometimes lead to event organisers and event goers booking some room too. Better be sure than sorry.

For more information about their rates and for booking inquiries kindly check them at the following:
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ElMasfinoHotelResort/
Official website: http://www.elmasfino.com.ph/
Email: info@elmasfino.com.ph
Contact numbers: (02) – 542-9537 and (02) 542-9150


Overall Hotel Rating

Errishmeetsworld would definitely revisit again in the near future. We would also update this entry for any updates regarding anything about El Masfino Hotel and Resort, and probably add a video link and better aerial pictures and footages. We are definitely looking forward to the future developments of this awesome place! Hope you love our blog, we’ll be posting soon our Vlog.

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