Filipino Traveling Overseas

Wattup Travel Buddies!? We usually see to it to go out the country at least once a year. Experience and current news were our basis for making up this travel tip.

We bet everyone have been anxious once in their lifetime: nervousness, palpitations, palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy (there’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti. LOL), this things happen especially due to the unknown. This post aims to somewhat help lessen that anxiety for our fellow FILIPINO travellers through giving them a gist of what to expect prior their designated travel.

Things to prepare for prior the departure date:

  1. Tickets – Whether you are gonna work, tour or has an official business abroad you should have your tickets(Dude if you gonna leave the country you should have bought your seat man!).

    Kidding aside, most Local Airlines boasts of their cheap flights, book way ahead of your scheduled time, and make sure to follow our social media page for future postings.

  2. Travel documents – Such as flight tickets, passports, visa, credit card, etc. Basically, bring all the documents needed to prove that the stay in the country would only be for the purpose of travel. Example: If one is going there for an event, bring a letter of invitation. Going on a tour; make sure to have a flight back home in the Philippines, this gives the immigration officer the benefit of the doubt that illegal staying would not happen.

    The fun thing about this era is the use of smart phones, you can save a copy of the documents you need on your phone such as an electronic copy of the flight, hotel confirmation receipt, company letter and etc.

  3. Be in the airport 2-3 hours before the flight. – Heavy traffic is a common thing in the Philippines (either on the road, by foot or even on air). We prefer having a flight schedule of 12am-5.30am, road, air and airport traffic are always lighter during this time, but beware beyond those time. Skyway and the newly opened NAIAX are definitely a huge help to cut the travel time from home to airport.

    That 2-3 hours allowance before the departure is a sure thing to finish all the necessary procedure until everyone reaches their boarding gates. Lines all around the airport are very common, lines toward the check-in counter, immigration, security check and even the toilet are usually quite long regardless of the time of the day. Some boarding gates are located on the furthest part of the airport. So be early and better be safe, miss flights would definitely be a very bad experience.

  4. Check-in – Okay so whenever we travel, we make sure to do a web check-in 24 hours before the schedule. This one is a time saver, especially since you’ll just be dropping off your bags to the drop-off area, and if your going on a back packing trip no need to go to the check in counter. Just be sure that your hand carry is just about 7kgs max and are passable as a hand carry bag, there is a specific hand carry bag dimension for this flights. Some airlines actually weight your hand carry and checks it if the bag’s dimension are good.
  5. Travel Tax. – This is mandatory payment. Click here to see the prevailing rates, and check out this link if you can avail it for free or can pay up the reduced one.
  6. Pen – For filling-up immigration cards, Philippine airports doesn’t provide pens.


Upon reaching the airport, visit the check-in counter to drop off the check-in luggage. Afterwards, they’ll tell you whether you’ll need to pay the travel tax or not. Sometimes it’s already paid together with your flight tickets.
After doing that, you can now proceed to the immigration counter. Don’t forget to fill up your immigration form, make sure to include your hotel and its address. Immigration officers usually checks that part.
Security check is the last one, all hand carries and lose materials such as belts, wallet, cellphones and shoes (sometimes). Are all going thru a final security check. Security personnel would also check you.
After that, off you went to your boarding gate. Frequent announcements from various gates would be heard from this point, be cautious of your boarding time and gate number. Make sure you have enough time before you start dawdling around the Duty Free shops inside. Especially if your boarding gate happens to be at the furthest 


  1. Be aware of the surrounding whenever on an airport. Even if you’re still in the country lots of swindlers and bad people roam around it freely.
  2. Deny porters of their service. They would usually ask for a huge amount of tip over the payment you give them. Porters charge em per bag.
  3. Click here to check out PAL’s regulations on some goods. Note: Samsung Note 7 are prohibited in all airlines. Better get in touch with Samsung if someone still has it.




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