Fears in Travelling

Lots of people who want to travel usually fear that they’ll get lost, or even be tricked by locals. Due to this, some travelers would then get a tour from a corporate travel agency just to feel secure. Which we believe would even cost travelers more. Other than paying their service, transportation and whatever additional cost that travel agencies would add on, they would usually bring travelers to places that would make everyone to give out more money. Everyone will experience less and spend more.

We are not generalising all tour agencies out there, but there are really tons of agencies that love milking out their customers. We have friends who does a group tour locally who charges a just and fair amount, which we would recommend in some of our future posts.

While some travelers would pay a premium amount just to see other places, some would just end up not pushing through with their travel plans. However, we got ways on how to conquer those fears.

Tips to lessen those Fears

  1. Firstly, do your background research. Know the tourist spots of each area that you’ll want to visit, the best places to eat, shop for souvenirs and of course a place to stay. We recommend looking for Airbnb for cheaper accommodations. Also, research on how you’ll travel to and fro places. Funny thing is, google is free, use it.
  2. Maximize the use of your smartphones. At this age, where most generations are into gadgets various applications are being developed for whatever purpose. For example, there are apps that would help travelers to navigate the subway. Apps that would help in translation, and various City Apps which contains various information regarding a particular city. Install them, most of them are free anyways.
  3. Have enough money for the travel. It is not advisable to travel within a very strict budget, wherein a minor error in budgeting would lead you to sleeping on the streets. As much as possible have a contingency fund, probably about 20-30% of the expected expense.
  4. Always have extra juice. Every smartphone user’s bad dream, a low battery sign on their phone and they’re just halfway for that day. Make sure to always have your power banks ready.
  5. Be sure to have ways to be always connected. This tip would probably be the most important one for us. Nowadays, most airports offer sim cards with internet, believe us you would need it. But, that sim which they offer usually have a data limit. Despite of reaching that limit, you’ll still have a connection which would be quite slower than before reaching that limit. But, considering the poor internet speed that Philippines have, that’ll still be heck lot faster. LOL.

    Don’t get tricked with our local internet providers, saying they can provide travelers with internet wherever. We have seen those adds, and you’ll just pay two or three times more per day of internet. Other than those sim card with internet, some country even have those rentable pocket wi-fi. Which we think is way better especially if you’ll be traveling by group.

EBP Pocket Wifi

For Japan Travelers who would want a sure connection right after deplaning, and want to avail of services hassle free. Hassle free since you won’t queue in long lines just to avail such service in Japanese airports. Check EBP wifi rental services!

We tried their pocket wifi in Japan, and tried maxing out its connections. We were still able to use the internet while there are about 10 gadgets connected to the unit. From 0 to the 7th day of our travel in Japan, the internet speed did not give up on us.

For further inquiries, kindly message EBP wifi on Facebook or call them at 02-554-0612 or +63917-8514851.

Just remember to follow this tips on travelling and you’ll definitely feel more secured. Hopefully, you and your kabarkada would push through with that sketched up travel plan. Have an awesome travel and keep up with those awesome memorable photos!

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