Osprey Meridian Bag Review

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Welcome back travel buddies! First of all, we recently acquired a new cool pack the Osprey Meridian bag. So for the travel junkies out there who are about to embark on a long trip or just a backpacking trip for a few days, this pack would definitely suit your lifestyle. Promise, this pack really has lots of cool stuff to offer.

Our Hotel Room in Chiangmai, Thailand ft. our Meridian Osprey Bag

Key Attributes

Let’s start with its key attributes. If you love Optimus Prime and other Transformers, you would definitely love how this travelling companion converts from being a trolley bag to a backpack. While on wheels you would notice immediately how smooth the bag rolls over any surface, the Highroad™ Chassis, with it’s huge wheels makes it easier to move around. Whereas when using it as a back pack, Osprey definitely is way better than other convertible rolling packs in terms of comfort and functionality.

Moreover, another feature that we love about this bag is the removable daypack that it has.You can just leave your bag wherever you are staying in and just bring the Daypack if you are going for any side trips or hiking.

Meridian Pack
Irish with her very handy day bag in Baan Dam (Black House Museum) located in Chiangrai, Thailand.
Irish at the Golden Temple or Wat Phra That in Doi Suthep

One thing that we consider as a con about the bag is that its made out of textile materials, which we think can be easily tarnish by airport’s bag handlers especially in any Philippine airport. Well, even the hard case trolley bags get damages due to mishandling.


That being said, I think the pros outweighs the cons. ErrishMeetsWorld would definitely be looking forward to the future bag releases of Osprey.



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For bag references kindly visit their website at: http://www.ospreypacks.com/ph/en/

Featured photo grabbed from http://www.ospreypacks.com/ph/en/ .


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