YouTube Creator Day

Last November 19, 2016 we went to a fun-filled YouTube Creator Day. The event was at Happy Garden Café on Jupiter St., Makati City. It was all about giving out opportunity for YouTube creators to get together. Be able to Connect with the community, and share best practices among YouTube creators. It also focused on the Filipino YouTube experience and to celebrate their talents as creators.


During the event we learned that Filipinos love YouTube as evidenced by the continuous growth on mobile YouTube viewership every year in the Philippines. Likewise, content or video uploads from Philippines has also a 45% increase annually. Each day, people spend hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube, generating billions of views. Global growth in watch time has also accelerated and is up at least 50% every year for the last three years.




Platforms to Improve YouTube channels

In the event, speakers talked about various resources to help improve YouTubers on their channel/s. Online courses such as found in YouTube Creator Academy would help YouTubers to understand more and succeed in their journey. Moreover, a new platform was also introduced to them. The YouTube Creator Community allows them to easily connect with their fellow creators. It also helps them to find collaboration partners and interact with YouTube via their Community Managers.


Aside from those useful resources, the event also held a short talk regarding: how the creators can increase their viewership; ways for their audience to find their videos; and methods to keep their viewers engaged in their channel. It then followed with a short snack break then a talent showcase by a Filipino cover artist creator, miss Hazel Faith. Prior to ending the program, the event had a Question and Answer portion where in Miss Say Tioco Artillero, a well-known Filipino makeup guru in YouTube were invited to help answer various concerns and questions by her fellow creators. YouTube staff also gave away freebies prior to exiting, YouTube Notebook, pen and shirt are pretty nifty.


YouTube Creator Day events definitely help creators to be more motivated and be resilient in their journey as a YouTuber. Experience and knowledge sharing from pioneer creators benefit creators by knowing the what to and what not to become successful in the field. It was a remarkable event and we are looking forward to future events held by YouTube and Google.

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